NSPCC Parenting Support 


We know how challenging it can be to balance all the demands parents have to cope with. This is made particularly more difficult when we are worried and spending long amounts of time indoors. Please find some tips from the NSPCC to help. All children need boundaries and discipline, and this guide helps you develop what works for you and your child.


Be kind to yourself. These are challenging times and it is okay to not feel okay. Please talk to someone about how you are feeling. 


If any children are struggling with any behaviour or emotional issues parents can contact the Pastoral team by calling the school and leaving a message for someone to call back. 


Please See the NSPCC Guide below.

Week One's Activities 23/03/2020

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Week Two's Activities  30/3/2020

                          Week Three's Activities - 06/04/2020
                                           Week Four's Activities
                                           Week Five's Activities