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Animals have adapted in many different ways to live in the ocean.


Research aquatic adaptions and complete the worksheet.


Create a new and original ‘monster of the deep’ based on what has been learned about deep sea adaptations. Consider the type of animal (it might be a fish, mammal, cnidarian, mollusc or echinoderm), its size, features, prey and how it protects itself from predators.

Children could sketch their ideas or use drawing software to create their animals. Ensure they use good scientific thinking and can justify their designs using the correct scientific terminology.

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Previously this term, children have been learning about how to write a diary entry. Discuss what features make a good diary entry before imagining what it would be like to discover a totally new deep sea species. Children should write diary entries for the days before, during and after their discovery.



Complete these White Rose lessons to consolidate learning that took place earlier this term




In Year 4 we have been learning all about the world's oceans. In order to understand how we are able to explore the deepest depths, we were going to make our own mini submarines, using a lemonade bottle, pen lid (without a whole in the top), Blue-tac and paper clip.


The following clip shows how to make the submarine work, but it doesn't explain the science that makes it happen... 

How to Make a Pen Cap Submarine - Easy and Simple - Simple Science Experiment

All you need is a pen top, blue tack or plasticine, a paper clip, an empty plastic drink bottle, and some water. There is a little bit of trapped air inside ...

If you have the resources to hand, have a go at making your own little submarine in a lemonade bottle (the experiment works better if you fill the bottle to the top). Children can then write about how they made the submarine and, after a little research, try to explain why the pen lid sinks when the bottle is squeezed.

Additional Maths Resources

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Handwriting based upon Year 4 spelling rules and patterns

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