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As many of the children will not be at school for the next few weeks, I would like you to take the time to read this note to help you support your child to continue with their learning.


Reading; I can't emphasis how important reading is to support your child with speech development, listening and attention and learning to recognise familiar words.

Try and use expression, allow your child time to look at the pictures and don't turn the page until your child has had time to talk about what they have seen and heard. If they don't make comments about the pictures and words, you can talk about the them; show them what to do.

Try to read books with rhyming words as hearing rhyming words is key at this age. Funny books which make them laugh and remember to also enjoy information books.


Sing songs; nursery rhymes can support learning new words, rhyme and number skills. Use the familiar tunes but make up your own words...

Sharing and turn taking; play board games and games such as I spy, Simon says, which encourage your children to take turns and concentrate.

Remember number is everywhere, and there is always the opportunity to count and recognise numbers, during play, cooking, when going for walks, even in the bath you can fill 3 cups of water, make 4 boats float etc....


We use Development matters guidance to support us in our planning. You can easily find this guidance by typing Development matters into your search engine. It is a very long document and you do not need to read it all, but to see what your child should be aiming towards:

Scroll down the document and you will see several areas of learning.

Each area is divided into age groups.

Look at an area; Number.

Scroll down to the relevant age group for your child; 30-50 months or 40-60 months.

You can read the expectations for a child of that age.




Joe Wicks is going to have PE sessions on YouTube each morning at 9am.


Education city is offering a 21 day free trial and carers for children from 3 years old.

You can print resources from Twinkl at the moment their unlimited subscription is free for 1 month, using code UKTWINKLEHELPS, but I would recommend less paper and more play based learning. 

Maths for Nursery and Reception

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