Calshot Report Day 3

Calshot Day 3

Wednesday 12th September

A very busy and exciting day today. The children are finding it more difficult each day to wake up at 7am but we managed to get everyone in for breakfast at 8am - a 'Full English' greeted the children upon entering the dining hall.
At 9am, half the children boarded two minibuses to leave for the New Forest. Once there, the children took part in orienteering. Although their map-reading was at the beginner level, all the children were eagle-eyed and found the tags quickly.
Back at the main site, the other half of the group were taking part in cycling, skiing and archery (not at the same time). Megan could be the next Victoria Pendleton based on the ease with which she took to the velodrome experience. Another person who needs a mention here is Alexis, who made huge strides in her cycling progress.
Alexis needs another mention for her archery - hitting the bull's-eye no less! The Katniss Everdeen of the group though goes to Maddie S. It seems whether holding a rifle or a bow and arrow, it makes no difference: she is a 'crack shot' with both tools, and with her signature baseball cap on backwards, she really looked the part!
After lunch, the children took to the water: half the group were out on kayaks, whilst the others were sailing. The anxiety levels were very high from early on today but every single person took to the water. A loud mention should be given to Emma, Ryan and Jess - all of whom had to combat their personal tribulations to even make it to the water!
In the kayaks, Alex and Zak stood out as confident Kayakers, when it was in fact their first time kayaking.
Mrs D arrived mid-morning in time to see some speedy skiers and accurate archers. She met up with the New Forest contingent over a lovely lunch. She enjoyed hearing the children's excited reports of all their achievements and apparently nobody wanted to go back early with her - shocker! She told the children and teachers how proud she was of them all. She also taught Skye and Maddison K-S how to do the wetsuit dance and noted how at ease Sam was in a sailing dinghy- a natural ! She waved goodbye from the shore as we were sailing and kayaking late this afternoon, just after taking a photo of Miss Barnes' unique approach to getting into her boat
As I write this report, Miss Cornish is reading the children a bedtime story, but I fear she might be the first to fall asleep. Zzzzz.