Calshot Report Day 2

Calshot - Day 2

Tuesday 11th September

The first full day started by rousing the children; we were not surprised at how many needed waking.
It had been an exciting first day, but there was much more fun to come...
After breakfast, the children started their activities. Half of the group took part in skiing, whilst the
other half took part in 'Team swing'.
For many, getting to grips with skiing basics was a challenge but Alex and Lola seemed to get to grips
with the tasks quickly, and were soon drawing praise from instructors and children alike. Charlie G
and Sophie showed great resilience after struggling at the start - their tenacity made us very proud.
The team swing will no doubt be remembered as a favourite activity this week. No children knew
what was about to happen. If prizes were given out to children with the most surprised faces, Chase
and Alfie would have won them. The children, after being winched up by the rest of their team, were
catapulted towards the ground, and this drew mild panic on the faces of these two boys, who had
volunteered to go first. For many children this excited them and soon we heard the cries, "Can I go
next, please?" For Skye however, the instant look of terror seemed too much and it appeared that
she would not take part. Skye continued to work hard for the team though: winching up her
Lilia was so frightened on her first attempt, that when she was supposed to count backwards from
three before pulling the release cord, she instantly pulled the cord on the count of 'Three...' which
brought about many screams. This did not deter her though, and subsequent swings did not draw
screams but did follow her trademark early release.
Lilia's confidence appeared to buoy Skye and, before we knew it, the pair of girls were being
winched up for two swings. Well done Skye for combating your fears.
After lunch, the children were split into 4 groups of 7 and each group took part in two different
activities. There activities were: low ropes, archery, shooting and cycle riding.
In the velodrome, Ruby, Kaitlin and Brooke deserve a special mention. Ruby and Kaitlin were flying
around the track, and Brooke looked amazingly confident - especially as she mentioned she hadn't
ridden a bike in years!
In archery, the children were all aspiring Robin Hoods, though Alfie T's technique was consistently
Alexis and Maddie SN stood out as expert rifle shooters, remaining calm and composed.
The low ropes activity had the most profound impact in enabling and improving teamwork skills. It
would be impossible to pick out one individual in this excellent event.
After the evening meal, the children took part in two activities: rockets and egg drop. The children
were thoroughly engaged and had a great time. At the time of writing, it is very quiet in the rooms - I
think we are succeeding in tiring the children out...
Tomorrow we have orienteering in the New forest, sailing/ kayaking and a few other activities.
We're having the time of our lives.